Officer Charter

The Seven Laws of Absolute Good

Law #1

Review and understand the charter.

Law #2

Any and ALL Officer discussions in chat or Discord are to remain ONLY between Officers/Leaders. It is NEVER ok to share any of that information with FC members unless permission has been given. If they are not an Officer or directly involved in the situation, the discussions are to remain private.
If a situation arises that an officer has a personal investment in, I.E involving a spouse or friend, they will be asked to sit out from the deliberation.
Failure to adhere to this rule can result in demotion from officer rank, and/or removal from the Free Company.

Law #3

We look for our leadership to have values aligned with what our Free Company is all about. You will be a representative of our FC at all times, so be mindful, even when dealing with people outside of the FC. We want everyone to know how great our FC can be, and one bad situation with a random person, could turn them off from ever wanting to be a part of the FC.

Law #4

Each Officer will be assigned a task: (Gathering, Gardening, Events etc.) If the tasks assigned to you can not be completed, for example, something comes up that prevents you from attending the event you need to run, please give ample notice, so we can make adjustments to keep things running.
Repeated dereliction of your duties without said notice will result in disciplinary action, up to demotion from officer rank.
Aside from your normal duties, do not be afraid to come up with your own ideas for events for the Free Company and put them into practice. You are free to use the tools that are given to you (Website, Facebook, Discord) to organize and lead/run events.

Law #5

Know how to deal with Free Company situations (I.e arguments getting out of control in FC chat) in a tactful and respectful manner.

Law #6

NEVER act like an elitist .. Any member lacking in ability or gear is not to be ridiculed. If you see others doing this to members it is also your job to stop it and handle the situation as tactfully as possible. As an officer it is your job to guide and help the members of this free company. If you see someone struggling or having problems with a run or content, take time out to help them or at least point them in the right direction to get the help or information that they need to be successful.

Law #7

As an Officer, you are here to help the FC as a whole along with all of it’s members. You will do these things out of kindness and not for personal gain. Do things without expecting to be compensated. You will find helping others is it’s own reward!

All of these rules are in place, not only to protect the interests of the FC, but to protect our officers, and any members who are involved. Failure to adhere to the “Seven Laws” will be subject to review and or demotion/removal.