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    Aeris Allister


    I am going to be developing a training app for new/returning members to use to quickly get informaiton on hwo to play their role/class or dungoen, each section/area will have its curriculum written by actual member sof the fc who specialise into a certain area.

    this app will be exclusive to the fc and will later be expanded into a fc companion app pending improvements to my skills.

    to this end i am looking for people to contribute to the app (for which their pages will have full credits to them)
    for this i simply ask that if you are very confident in your chosen area or regarded as an expert and wish to contribute simply look to the sample page posted below for the format and set up of the curriculum and start writing.

    i will be accepting contributions on friday 23rd and will proceed to add them to the app.

    areas the app will cover will include but not limited to:
    role basics and play styles
    classes and class specifics
    class play styles
    dungeons and dungeon mechanics
    duty ettiquette.
    crafting basics
    advanced crafting

    the following is my own writing for the healer role basics and is a draft only, while the content may change the general format should remain the same.:

    Celestia; Training App.

    Chosen Field
    Healer; Puritan Style
    As a healer your primary job and concern is healing the tank and keeping the party alive.

    To this end healers typically share a symbiotic relationship with the tank, the tank keeps the boss and mobs away from you and in return you make sure they don’t die, this is a very important relationship and does not work if one does not pull their weight.
    Generally the DpS should only be receiving marginal damage but if they drop down noticeably feel free to heal them, without them things will take MUCH longer to do.
    As a Puritan style healer your primary and only concern is healing, dealing damage is a secondary concern and should only be carried out when the enemies DpS is low or you can get some pot shots out.
    Exceptions to the rule:
    There are however some exceptions to the rules, some bosses randomly switch targets with no regard to agrro, some bosses simply hit multiple people or cannot be avoided due to mechanics or somehow there’s an unusual amount of DpS on your group in which case you can only deal with them to the best of your abilities, and it is in my experience that you pop your cooldowns as it is then that you will start struggling, group pulled over all those high DpS mobs AND the tanky ones? Pop your heal potency increase cooldown, everyone taking too much damage? Pull your heal bombs or AoE HoT cooldowns its all down to your own judgement.
    General practices:
    DpS = Damage per Second
    HoT = Heal over Time (Typically Regen).
    Heal Bomb = an instant dump of large healing to one or more people.
    CoolDowns = these are the abilities you pop to increase your capabilities and usually have a long cooldown, these are to be saved for when you are struggling or expecting trouble.
    Aggro/Enmity = this is a measure of how annoying/tempting you are to enemies and is the primary way tanks keep enemies attacking them, one crucial thing to know is that ALL abilities spells and skills generate aggro/enmity and is generally a measure of its threat, the more damage/healing ti does the more you will build.
    Some abilities spells or skills increase or decrease your aggro/enmity tanks generally increase theirs or put themselves at the top while healers generally lower theirs, it is an important skill to have to manage how much aggro you are generating.
    It is generally good practice to maintain your regen/shielding abilities on the tank, these will make it easier to keep their health up and make it easier to keep your mana up high.

    Aeris Allister

    I am Now accepting contributions for the trianing app.

    you can either psot it to me directly on this topic or you can pm it to me on the website or in discord.

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