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    Aurora Lightsnow

    Greetings y’all and hello to all you dang tall crafters. 😆

    This guide is for crafting HQ items for Leve quests 30 – 45 that yield the highest experience points for leveling a craft to 50.

    At this point your saying to yourself “but Gungii what about 1 – 30”, well thems is the easy levels in a sense, most materials you can buy from vendors cheap. The only thing you’ll need is alot of crystal shards, so if you have your gathering jobs up to at least level 10 you can farm crystal shards and save yourself gil.

    One big requirement is you need to unlock the Levemete’s in each zone, so you’ll need to have leveled a combat class to 50 to unlock them.

    Leve points:

    For every 5 levels you will be using around 10-12 leve points, so to level 1 craft to 50 your looking at about 40-45 points used depending on the crafting job your leveling. While not required it would help to start off with 100 leve points.

    Leve points regenerate 3 per every 12 hours (earth time).

    Getting help:

    You can ask other crafters in the FC for help in making the HQ items for the leve quests and provide them the materials needed for crafting the items. Now your probably saying to yourself again “but Gungii HQ materials are expensive”, hehehe you really should get the talking to yourself looked at. :-p For a level 60 crafter NQ items are fine.

    Be respectful and don’t expect the others to drop what their doing to craft up stuff for you, it may take a bit of time but people in the FC will help ya.

    As an upside down note: Please don’t get the base materials to be crafted into the required materials to make the crafted item. (Example: 3 Iron ores to make the Iron Ingot) Crafters want to enjoy the game too and this adds more time and takes away from their enjoyment.

    The Leve Quests:

    Listed below are the crafts and Leve quests along with the items needed and the material requirements to make them. You can use this to calculate how much materials you’ll need to get to make the number of item


    Level 30
    Leve: He Has His Quartz
    Item: Silver Circlet (Goshenite)
    Materials: 4 Wind shard, 3 Fire shard, 1 Goshenite, 3 Silver ingot

    Level 35
    Leve: Actually, It’s Loyalty
    Item: Aquamarine Bracelet
    Materails: 4 Wind shard, 4 Fire shard, 2 Aquamarine, 1 Mythril ingot

    Level 40
    Leve: Coral on My Mind
    Item: A Red Coral Ring
    Materials: 5 Wind shard, 5 Fire shard, 1 Red Coral, 1 Basilisk Whetstone

    Level 45
    Leve: Green and Bear It
    Item: Tourmaline Choker
    Materials: 6 Wind shards, 6 Fire shards, 1 Tourmaline, 2 Electrum ingot


    Level 30
    Leve: Just Give Him a Serum
    Item: Hi-Potion of Strength
    Materials: 4 Water Shard, 3 Lightning Shard, 1 Rock Salt, 1 Blue Yarzon Leg, 1 Gil Bun

    Level 35
    Leve: Alive and Unwell
    Item: Budding Oak Wand
    Materials: 4 Water Shard, 4 Lightning Shard, 1 Oak Branch, 1 Growth Formula Alpha, 1 Hi-Potion of Mind

    Level 40
    Leve: A Patch-up Place
    Item: Mega-Potion
    Materials: 5 Water Shard, 5 Lightning Shard, 1 Distilled Water, 1 Mistletoe, 1 Mugwort

    Level 45
    Leve: Sleepless in Silvertear
    Item: Potent Sleeping Potion
    Materials: 6 Water Shard, 6 Lightning Shard, 1 Quicksilver, 1 Ochu Vine, 1 Desert Saffron


    Level 30
    Leve: Eyes on a Hard Body
    Irem: Decorated Buckler
    Materials: 4 Ice Shard, 3 Earth Shard, 1 Ironclad Bronze Buckler, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Iron Rivets

    Level 35
    Leve: Very Slow Array
    Item: Mythril Plate
    Materials: 4 Ice Shard, 2 Mythril Ingots

    Level 40
    Leve: Liquid Persuasion
    Item: Mythril Chain Coif
    Materials: 5 Ice Shard, 5 Earth Shard, 1 Mythril Plate, 2 Mythril Rings, 1 Aldgoat Leather

    Level 45
    Leve: Feasting the Night Away
    Item: Hell’s Kitchen
    Materials: 6 Ice Shard, 5 Earth Shard, 1 Cobalt Plate, 1 Rosewood Lumber


    Level 30
    Leve: The Naked Blade
    Item: Steel Falchion
    Materials: 3 Fire Shard, 3 Earth Shard, 2 Steel Ingots, 1 Walnut Lumber, 1 Siltstone Whetstone

    Level 35
    Leve: You Spin Me Round
    Item: Mythril Broadsword
    Materials: 4 Fire Shard, 4 Earth Shard, 1 Mythril Ingot, 1 Oak Lumber, 1 Wolf Fang

    Level 40
    Leve: A Weighty Question
    Item: Mythril Sledgehammer
    Materials: 5 Fire Shard, 4 Earth Shard, 1 Mythril Ingot, 1 Oak Lumber, 1 Horn Glue

    Level 45
    Leve: I’d Rather Be Digging
    Item: Electrum Head Knife
    Materials: 6 Fire Shard, 5 Earth Shard, 1 Cobalt Ingot, 1 Electrum Inogt, 1 Rosewood Lumber, 1 Basilisk Whetstone


    Level 30
    Item: Walnut Macuahuitl
    Leve: Knock on Wood
    Materials: 4 Wind Shard, 4 Ice Shard, 1 Walnut Lumber, 2 Wyvern Obsidian

    Level 35
    Leve: Stay on Target
    Item: Yarzonshell Harpoon
    Materials: 4 Wind Shard, 4 Ice Shard, 1 Walnut Lumber, 1 Wildfowl Feather, 1 Yellow Yarzon Leg, 1 Fish Glue

    Level 40
    Leve: The Arsenal of Theocracy
    Item: Cobalt Halbert
    Materials: 4 Wind Shard, 4 Ice Shard, 1 Cobalt Ingot, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Oak Lumber, 1 Boar Leather

    Level 45
    Leve: Trident and Error
    Item: Cobalt Trident
    Materials: 6 Wind Shard, 5 Ice Shard, 3 Cobalt Ingot, 1 Mahogany Lumber, 1 Shark Oil


    Level 30
    Leve: Just Cinch It
    Item: Boarskin Satchel Belt
    Materials: 4 Earth Shard, 3 Wind Shard, 1 Boar Leather, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Linen Yarn

    Level 35
    Leve: The Righteous Tools for the Job
    Item: Boarskin Ringbands
    Materials: 4 Earth Shard, 4 Wind Shard, 1 Boar Leather, 1 Steel Ingot

    Level 40
    Leve: The Birdmen of Ishgard
    Item: Boarskin Culottes
    Materials: 5 Earth Shard, 4 Wind Shard, 2 Boar Leather, 2 Undyed Woolen Cloth

    Level 45
    Leve: Hang in There
    Item: Taptorskin Artisan’s Belt
    Materials: 5 Earth Shard, 5 Wind Shard, 1 Raptor Leather, 1 Cobalt Ingot, 1 Walnut Lumber, 1 Woolen Yarn


    Level 30
    Leve: By the Seat of the Pants
    Item: Linen Chausses
    Materials: 4 Lightning Shard, 3 Wind Shard, 3 Undyed Linen, 1 Linen Yarn

    Level 35
    Leve: Edmelle’s Hair
    Item: Linen Wedge Cap of Gathering
    Materials: 4 Earth Shard, 4 Wind Shard, 2 Undyed Linen, 1 Linen Yarn, 1 Electrum Ingot

    Level 40
    Leve: Cool to Be Southern
    Item: Woolen Kecks
    Materials: 5 Earth Shard, 5 Wind Shard, 1 Undyed Woolen Cloth, 1 Undyed Linen, 1 Woolen Yarn, 1 Boar Leather, 1 Steel Ingot

    Level 45
    Leve: Full Moon Fever
    Item: Felt Chausses
    Materials: 6 Earth Shard, 5 Wind Shard, 2 Undyed Felt, 1 Undyed Woolen Cloth, 1 Woolen Yarn


    Level 30
    Leve: Pretty as a Picture
    Item: Dark Vinegar
    Materials: 3 Fire Shard, 4 Noble Grapes

    Level 35
    Leve: No More Dumpster Diving
    Item: Knight’s Bread
    Materials: 4 Fire Shard, 4 Water Shard, 1 Rye Flour, 1 Mineral Water, 1 Honey, 1 Midland Basil, 1 Chicken Egg

    Level 40
    Leve: Moving Up in the World
    Item: Rolanberry Cheese
    Materials: 5 Fire Shard, 2 Night Milk, 1 Rolenberry

    Level 45
    Leve: Culture Club
    Item: Crowned Pie
    Materials: 6 Fire Shard, 6 Water Shard, 1 Pie Dough, 1 Mirror Apple, 1 Maple Sugar, 1 Cinnamon, 1 Almonds, 1 Tiny Crown

    Happy Crafting 😆

    Albion Medici

    Thanks for this Aurora <3

    Crafter | Gather | Tank

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