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September 2021 Update! Under New Editor!

Hello, fellow Celestians! This is Dean, aka Scarlette Valanorr in the Free Company roster!

It has been a long time since we have seen one of these nifty newsletters get published and promoted for our grand FC here on the site. I apologize for the sake that we could not keep a consistent newsletter rolling along for the longest time (Our last one was November 2020!!!). We had a newsletter editor, but they got an offer they couldn’t refuse…

That is due to change in the coming months. With my attention towards editing and publishing information, and ensuring timely notice of any nifty news that should be shared for visibility, I have taken over the newsletter duties for Celestia.

The Deets

Starting in October 2021, we will be pushing out a brand new newsletter on a monthly basis. As to the particulars of the information covered, here’s some hints on what is to come:

-Social events (prior and upcoming)

-Game events & news (upcoming)


-Media (sharing art *with permissions of their creators*, commissions, screenshots of a fine make)

-Reviews (if there’s a specific video game, TV show, or movie that one of our members wants to share their opinion on, we’ll confine it to a little blurb and come up with our own grading system)

-Other items not yet plucked from the aether…

So You Want To Join Celestia…

Just because this is a change of the newsletter guard doesn’t mean we still cannot promote ourselves for all interested Warriors of Light!

First off, you made it to our website. That’s the first and hardest step! 🙂

Second, we keep a Discord. If you have Discord on PC and/or mobile, use the link here to seek us out, gather more details, and to look toward further enrollment. Celestia FC Discord

Third, be sure to review our nifty Rules under the Free Company Charter, so you can decide if we’re worth your time and effort. Remember, an FC is as strong as its members, and we want the best members we can get. We also work to be fair in every possible circumstance, and even welcome guest visitors who are shopping around for a new FC to join!

And lastly, remember to have fun and socialize. It will be a new FC, new folks to meet, and a new place to socialize and interact. It will take time, and effort. Be sure to build rapport, participate in events and duties that our members do and ask for help on, and find your footing.

We expect to push our first newsletter out around the beginning of October 2021. Be sure to keep an eye out for any announcements pertaining to it, and be sure to toss a coin to your Witcher tip your editor!

See ya, space Warriors (of Light).