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The Celestia Citizen (The End is Walked Edition)

Hello, fellow Celestians! Welcome to yet another edition of the Celestia Citizen newsletter! This one was running a tad later than usual due to the Christmas & New Year’s holidays, and my battling last minute illness the prior weekend. Normally, I aim to get this newsletter done within the first week of the month. Apologies […]

The Celestia Citizen (Queue Hard Edition)

Hello, fellow Celestians! We are here with another edition of our newer Celestia Citizen newsletter! I hope everyone is ready to be a Endwalker on two fronts! As we are walking toward the end of 2021, we are also walking to the end of the FFXIV story that began with A Realm Reborn over a […]

The Celestia Citizen (The Gobbler Edition)

Hello, fellow Celestians! Welcome back to another edition of the new Celestia Citizen! We’ve got a jam-packed edition here, brought to you first by our generous sponsor dancing for your enjoyment! He’s just getting his groove on for the upcoming turkey day here in the States! Yes, Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 25th! Expect copious amounts […]

The Celestia Citizen (Re-Launch Edition)

Hello, fellow Celestians! And welcome to the official launch of the Celestia Citizen (Part Deux: The Search for More Electric Boogaloo on Judgment Day) Last month, we had announced a return to form for our official newsletter. I can now officially say we are here and now with that return, and we have much to […]

The Celestia Citizen

THE CELESTIA CITIZEN September 2021 Update! Under New Editor! Hello, fellow Celestians! This is Dean, aka Scarlette Valanorr in the Free Company roster! It has been a long time since we have seen one of these nifty newsletters get published and promoted for our grand FC here on the site. I apologize for the sake […]