The Celestia Citizen (Re-Launch Edition)

October 2021 Edition

Hello, fellow Celestians! And welcome to the official launch of the Celestia Citizen (Part Deux: The Search for More Electric Boogaloo on Judgment Day)

Last month, we had announced a return to form for our official newsletter. I can now officially say we are here and now with that return, and we have much to discuss!

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker & Upcoming In-Game Events

For anyone who has been out of the loop for Endwalker news, here’s some general information to tide you over.

The release date is scheduled for Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021. For those who pre-order it, there is currently a couple of incentives as well (one is a minion, another is Menphina Earring, an earring with +30% combat XP boost that will get you through to max Level 80 on all combat jobs so you can begin your Endwalker journey at release). In addition, early access will be available on Friday, November 19th, for those who have pre-ordered. That will put the game to release during Thanksgiving week here in the States. I highly recommend anyone who wants to enjoy it as much as possible during launch week to get in your time off now 🙂 .

There will be a slew of re-works coming to all jobs/classes, as well as two new jobs (Reaper – DPS, and Sage – Healer). Be prepared to address all of the changes and re-tweak your hotbars!

Here is the current schedule for all Endwalker related information due to occur over the next month:

FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour – October 13th

FFXIV “A Nocturne for Heroes” Event – Final Fantasy XIV and XV Collaboration – Ongoing from start of month to October 18th

FFXIV “Breaking Brick Mountains” Event – Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest/Warrior Collaboration – October 19th to November 11th

Note: The All Saints Wake event, which is normally set around Halloween, has been delayed to November. Info on it is expected to be shared in the next newsletter.

Social Events

First off, let’s go ahead and cover the events that occurred over the course of September!

The Free Company had hosted its annual Trivia night, which saw a wonderful turnout and such participation (which was indeed the intention 😛 ).

Thanks to everyone who turned out and enjoyed themselves! Please continue to participate in each of our fun social events, such as what is slated for October (below).

The first social event for October is our resident Murder Mystery, due for Saturday, October 9th. Be firsthand in investigating the Ultimate End of a fellow FC officer and getting answers to this whodunit!

The other social event due for October is the annual Costume Party, due for Saturday, October 30th! There will be three themes at play for this, and it will be hosted at the FC house! Look to the Social-Event channel on Discord for details.

Contest – Lalafell Photo!

Credit goes to Simera Yeep for management over this event centered around the most innocent (but not really) race in FFXIV! The focus of this content was to showcase the best in Lala-themed snappies for our amusement review.

First Place: Kemo Sabe & Huayrina Reyes
Second Place: Grey Rat & Taro Tea
Third Place: Sky Rendwyrm & Coconu Coco


That’s everything I have for right now. I am planning to expand awareness of some real nice art, image capture, and the like into a Gallery section for the next and future newsletters. If anyone has art, images, screenshots, of any kind that are for FFXIV, the FC, or both then reach out to me and share it for the next newsletter.

If you made it this far, then congratulations! Our first newsletter of the revival has gotten off to a (hopefully) adequate start. There will be plenty of room for growth, expansion, and room for new content to share.

As always, be sure to toss a coin to your Witcher tip your editor!

See ya, space Warriors (of Light).

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