The Celestia Citizen (“The Scroogening But Not Really” Edition)

Hello, my fellow Celestians! And welcome to another edition of the Celestia Citizen! To preface this special month, our next newsletter is aimed for occurring just after New Year’s, so a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year is being extended to all of our FC members!

To commemorate this December edition, I want to bring up a particularly renowned character that has been synonymous with Christmas: Ebenezer Scrooge.

For those who do not know of this miserly fellow, he is part of one of Christmas’s most established traditions, watching or reading or listening to A Christmas Carol.

This story was created by Charles Dickens in 1843, and despite selling thousands of copies during its initial release, Dickens had not seen tremendous profits made from the story. This was due to self-publication and high costs associated with pursuing this self-publication. Despite thousands of people purchasing the book during the holidays in 1843, he had a very thin profit margin which yielded very low return.

Yet despite this financial failure on his part, A Christmas Carol had seen growth in popularity with each passing generation, with books continuing to be in print every year for people to own, translated to numerous countries and languages, and peaking in the 20th century with several film/theater/television/audio adaptations produced at various periods.

Some notable film examples:

Scrooge, aka “Marley’s Ghost” (1901) – The first film adaptation of A Christmas Carol, starring Daniel Smith

A Christmas Carol (1938) – The first feature-length production of the story, starring Reginald Owen

Scrooge (1970) – A musical adaptation starring Albert Finney as Scrooge and Alec Guinness as Marley’s Ghost

Mickey’s A Christmas Carol (1983) – A Disney animated movie starring various Disney characters, including Scrooge McDuck as Scrooge

A Christmas Carol (1984) – Regarded as among the definitive tellings of the story, this stars George C Scott as Scrooge

Scrooged (1988) – An 80s style adaptation starring Bill Murray as Francis Xavier Cross, a stand-in for the Scrooge-like character

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) – A Muppets style re-telling of a Christmas Carol, starring Michael Caine as Scrooge

A Christmas Carol (1999) – A Hallmark production starring Sir Patrick Stewart as Scrooge

A Christmas Carol (2009) – A Disney CGI animated movie starring Jim Carrey as Scrooge

The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) – While not a movie focused solely on Scrooge, it instead is focused on Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) as he is creating A Christmas Carol, and this movie gives us a dramatized focus on the creation of the story and influences that contributed to it; it also features Christopher Plummer as Scrooge

A Christmas Carol (2019) – A BBC/FX collaboration that took A Christmas Carol and created a miniseries production of it, this stars Guy Pearce as Scrooge and focuses on the characterization of Scrooge that led him from his youth to old age to become the famous miser.

That is everything on Scrooge, and I hope these various film recommendations give ideas to my fellow FC members for what to watch this year!

Please read on regarding upcoming and important details for the Free Company, as well as upcoming holiday events!

Final Fantasy XIV News

Monday, November 20th – Stress Test for Cloud Data Center*: Link

*Per the linked article, this is not for an established data center, but for a test instance of one

Sunday, November 26th – Test of Cap for Cloud Data Center Stress Test (Initiated on date above): Link

Monday, November 27th – Winners Announced for Hairstyle Design Contest 2023: Link

Thursday, December 7th – New Tales from the Dawn Story: Link

Friday, December 15th – Starlight Celebration 2023: Link

Sunday, December 31st – End of FFXIV x Fall Guys “Blunderville” Event* : Link

*The event is a recurring one, but it will be subject to return in the future

Free Company News and Social Events

Celestia has welcomed a bunch of new officers to its ranks throughout the previous month! Please welcome the following officers:

Ori Starshroud – General Officer

Taryn Stormcrown – General Officer

Ketsueki Honzo – General Officer

IMPORTANT: Christmas Party – Saturday, December 16th

Regarding the above, you may RSVP to the event via the #social-event channel in our Discord server!

Also, as advertised in the previous month’s newsletter, I will be asking for those who have festive glamours to show off to oblige them for featuring in the January newsletter! This is NOT limited to those who attend the Christmas party! You may message me on Discord directly with screenshots of your character’s glamour via “Scarlette Valanorr” in the Discord server!

Beyond the Light Interview

What is your in-game character’s name?: Yhana Stargaze

What race are you currently in-game?: Miqo’te

What drew you into your current choice of race?: It was kind of a hard decision, I was torn between Au Ra and when they came out the Viera as well and at one point I did fantasia into an Au Ra but I fell in love with the moon Miqo’te and their adorable little fanged smile they have that no other races seem to have. I started as this Miqo’te years ago, finding them adorable even before looking into the game fully.

When did you first start playing FFXIV?: December 2017

What drew you to pick up and play FFXIV?: So my friend Sekrain plays this game, asked me to try it out saying the story was really good. he wasn’t wrong and I have come to really enjoy the game even if I don’t really remember the early days anymore.

How far have you gotten into the MSQ (Main Story Questline) of FFXIV?: All caught up!

What was your first (job? class? role?) when you started?: My very first job was conjurer.

What motivated you to pick that first (job? class? role?): So…long answer, I switched from wow where I played a resto Druid main. I healed for raids and difficult end game content. Even before wow I played healers. I love playing a healer, its super fun to me. I knew little of the FF world, the last major title I played being Tactics for the gameboy. but i knew WHM is a solid choice for a healer so there I went, I still main it today.

To date, what favorite jobs/roles/classes do you have?: Definitely WHM is a favorite. after that would be a tie between dancer and red mage. with summoner after that.

What kind of content do you enjoy?: MSQ, PvP, Duty Content, Side Quests, Glamour Collecting, Casual Content, Collectible Getting

What would you say is your favorite content type from FFXIV? And why?: Glamour collecting is the real end game, i love finding new ways to make my character look cool. after that would be honestly pvp but only on 2 of the 4 main maps for frontline.

What is one thing you like about FFXIV that distinguishes them from other MMOs?: SO, I played wow for a long time, before that was Everquest and Runescape. what really sets ff14 apart to me is the combat, the concept of auto attacking is out the window and it takes practice and some skill to get good at to avoid taking deadly damage. it relies a little less on the class system (though those are still important roles to have) and more on your ability to actually play the game and pay attention to what the evil red puddles are trying to say. I really like that about it.

If you could make at least 1 change to FFXIV based on personal preference, what would you pick and why?: Honestly, I really like the game as is, the one thing I wanted from it, they put in. the ability to replay the MSQ. its such a long story that I truly cant remember it very well. but I have memory issues, its not that the MSQ isnt great, i just want to re-read it like a good book. I do wish they gave some other kind of reward for doing it at least once on repeat. a bit of glamour or achievement or something, who knows maybe its there and I dont know it lol

What is your most memorable/favorite moment in FFXIV?: I don’t have one favorite moment, I have many. FF14 is a social game for me. i play it with my friends Sekrain and Raltarion and we have fun together, its really nice to have something we can all enjoy.

When did you join Celestia?: December 2022 (Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!)

What drew you to join Celestia?: So Sekrain and I were actively looking for a FC to join for a while, we eventually took to the forums and came across a page for this FC.

What do you like about Celestia as a Free Company?: The people. everyone is so chill and kind. im kind of really introverted so being around nice people is helpful towards working on my social anxieties

What is your favorite weekly event to participate in with Celestia?: I haven’t yet, yet being the keyword lol.

Call 2 Interview (For Beyond the Light)!

We currently are in need of more FC members willing to participate in our Beyond the Light interview!

The link to the interview form is here, as well as hosted under our Discord server > #announcements channel!

Important: There is a new interview form open to ALL members, whether a Google Account is used or not. Pictures are optional, and those selected to be interviewed for newsletter will be followed up with for possible pictures.

Form Link: Link

Z’attania Tsu’s “House Tours” – Temporary Pause

Due to the holiday season, Z’attania Tsu will be temporarily pausing her House Tours coverage! For those who have enjoyed reading those sections, I do apologize for the absence of it. However, please look forward to the return of it next year. And thank you kindly for your patience and understanding!

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